About us

About Us

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, Our specialized team is always on toe to cater your design needs and help turn your premises into an extended palette of your personality with ease.
We design and manufactures the entire product in-house from sourcing the wood to polishing and upholstery. Each and every step is carried out by our highly skilled artisans, because we believe that a product designed and created is replica of our thoughts and ideas.
Innovation and customization are our biggest strengths. We share complete Interior Consultancy from customized artistic furniture in classic and contemporary (including steel) from Home Living Rooms to Kitchen and from Official Space to Professional Areas. with special touch on high-end Chandeliers, Fiber Statues, Leather Panel works and other spectacular add-ons !
Our aim is to provide a creative and distinctive aesthetic design with a friendly and relaxed way of delivery to our clientele to ensure them an ease. We can specify the furniture and decorative fittings, as well as detail to accomplish the finishes, as per designs and specifications required for the project.


Urban living, thinking the city as a container of many different lifestyle
A fast- Changing enviornment where exciting new things happen everyday.
A fast- Changing enviornment where exciting new things happen everyday.
Ideas, Trends and moods filtered through a contemporary look that reinterprets Fashion With a personal touch.
A metropolitan taste enriched by an innate aesthetic Sense, Sophisticated details producing a refined, unique and instantly recognisable Style
That’s why we call it urban chic.